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Mobile telephone: +7 915 327 35 40

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Skype: itanata

Ready for business trips in Russia, CIS and abroad (multi Schengen Visa).

The diplomaed specialist offers services of consecutive interpretation and written translation from Italian and English into Russian, from Russian into Italian and English, and also from Italian into English and vice versa in following directions:

Interpreter at negotiations.

Interpreter at exhibitions, conferences.

Oral Translation of corporate trainings and seminars.

 • Support during business trips to cities of Russia and abroad.

Translation during various events: business meetings, exhibitions, concerts, shows, presentations, competitions, corporate parties, weddings, etc.)

Participation and support at opening (so called “start-up”) of the companies in Russia.

Businesses Support to companies: translation of business correspondence from Italian/English into Russian and vice versa, and also translation from Italian into English and vice versa, pre-contract work and conclusion of contracts, telephone negotiations, conference calls, services of a personal assistant, search of suppliers, contractors and business partners, participation at exhibitions.

Written translation of operation manuals of equipment, web sites, and scenarios of films, contracts, business plans, projects, presentations and other documentation.

Technical translation oral and written.


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Riabikova Natalia


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Skype: itanata

Переводчик с итальянского и английского языков


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